Legal Information and Privacy Policy

This site logs HTTP requests (using Apache's Combined Log Format), but otherwise doesn't collect individual user analytics data. The logs are accessible only by me and by's system administrators. Some aggregate data, such as total bandwidth usage, is also tracked automatically. Individual user data is not shared with third parties.

There are no special terms or conditions for using this site.

I can be contacted via email and on Libera Chat (username robin), or via Jitsi Meet video conferencing for scheduled meetings.

As of February 2021, I work as a self-employed software engineer, and don't sell physical goods or offer paid services to the general public.

My primary client at this time is Tech Drone LLC, which makes tools for game development. As a software engineer, I write, improve and maintain programs (and associated documentation, tests, etc.), and occasionally help on an ad-hoc basis with other business tasks. This work is performed under the terms of an Independent Contractor Agreement and a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Tech Drone has its own privacy policy and terms of use, linked to in the footer of its website; however, those don't apply to this site or to works I produce outside the scope of the contract.

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